Thursday, July 23, 2015

I am OPEN!

Yes, philosophically I try to stay open. But now my Pink House Gallery is open too, as of last week's Art Walk. I'm the shorty above with my friends Janice and Gail that evening. We're standing in front of the work of my friends Pat Pauly (the 5 large pieces) and Deborah McDonald (the small piece outlined in black on the left). There is also work of friends Carol Boyer and Lynne Taylor, as well as some of my own. Isn't it fabulous to have such friends?!!!

I promised to show a sneak preview of a current project in my recent email blast about Saturday's Studio Tour and the exhibit "Reflections and Exchanges" that opens August 7th at the Pink House Gallery. For this exhibit, Lynne Taylor, the above-mentioned friend, and I exchanged some of our dyed and printed fabrics. Now we're busy using the other's fabrics to make some small pieces with our own techniques. Here are three of mine in the very early stages:

And if you're near Saranac Lake on Saturday, check out our July Studio Tour! I'll be OPEN!


Beth said...

Congrats Cris. I hope to get a few of my pieces up to you.

Maggi said...

Congratulations. I hope it all goes well.