Thursday, October 1, 2015

Touring (and Playing) in the Pink House Studio

Saturday was the last of Saranac Lake ArtWorks summer Studio Tours, and it was my best ever! That's because so many visitors arrived who were so interested in the fiber art, both in my gallery and in  the studio. Several people visited me in past years at my little studio on the woods - so nice to see old friends! And what a beautiful day it was.

In the studio, I was demonstrating the process of deconstructed screen printing and I got some valuable help from several visitors. The first screen I used was made by dumping ocean rocks and periwinkle shells from the beach near Searspprt, ME onto a thick layer of blue-black dye and then letting it dry for about 24 hours. (Thanks, Janine, for showing me this technique at last weekend's workshop!) When I pulled off the rocks and shells, there were some wonderful and unique patterns on my silk screen.
Stones and shells settling in on the very thick dye.

Patterns left when stones and shells were removed from the dried dye.

Consecutive prints on fabric using plain print paste.
Series of prints, some with blue dye added to print paste.
And some yellow added at the end.


Beth said...

You go girl!!! Glad to see your creative ideas.

Unknown said...

The prints are so ingenious. Rocks and shells...who knew. And I love the pic of the morning glory! ... Your traveling friend.

Cris Winters said...

Thanks to Beth and to my mystery fan!

Cris Winters said...
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