Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Whimsical Watercolors and Babies

Last week I was at the Arts Center in Old Forge, NY at the "A Whimsical Way with Watercolor" taught by Gordon Bashant. What fun! It was very freeing and happy, and Gordy was a very enjoyable teacher. Lots of water, lots of color, lots of painting! Here are some of my efforts:

I have plans to use this technique to paint some of my favorite places.

We found this lovely little treasure in front of one of our cabins in Fernville:

It is the nest of a Hermit Thrush pair. They are my favorite singers of all the birds - a northern bird - and the nest is nestled in the ferns, mosses, and Tiarella. I am starting a painting today - that blue of the eggs is so gorgeous. Since this photo was taken on June 28th, the eggs have hatched and 3 hungry little bird mouths are all we can see of the nest!

And speaking of babies, I must include a photo of our own Grand-daughter Lili, sent yesterday by her mom, Tanya. I smile just seeing a photo of her little face. She is a bit more than 10 weeks old now. How lovely she is...