Friday, December 7, 2018

Sparkling at Sparkle Village

Last weekend, I had a booth at our town's annual holiday craft, cutely called "Sparkle Village Craft Show." It was my first year as a vendor and it was loads of fun! And loads of work. I made dozens of new botanical print scarves, along with some other goodies. That stretch of hard and satisfying work got me into a good place - very excited and energized by what I do. Lots of learning and experimenting. And with a head full of what I want to do next, after a period of questioning what I do. I'm over that, at least for now. More work usually seems to fix those problems.
A basket full of pillows
A rack full of scarves
A table full of prints, cards, journals, and scarves

My favorite botanical print ever! Horse chestnut and smokebush leaves with cochineal and logwood dyes on a silk pillow cover.