Sunday, February 21, 2016

Sophisticated Tie Dye

A couple of weeks ago, my friend Susan taught a wonderful Shibori dyeing class at the Pink House. Those beautiful dots up above were made by folding the cotton into nine squares then places three acrylic disks on top, bottom, and inside. Then the fabric-acrylic sandwich was placed between two pieces of thin wood, clamped, and dropped into bucket of blue fiber reactive dye.
Susan showing us how to make a honey comb Shibori by wrapping the fabric around a cord, which is then pulled up tight before dyeing.
Pleating and tying a fabric square.
Pulling the pleated and tied fabric out of the dye.

Laura with her beautiful honey comb Shibori.
Susan adding the soda ash to the dye bath.

The finished products with Kelly hiding in the background.