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By Chance or Appointment

JANUARY 2017 For most of the winter and early spring, the Pink House Gallery will be open when I am working here in the studio with the Open signs out. I am also very happy to make an appointment with you - please call me at 518.524.0533

 There are many lovely things here - handmade, colorful, with soul and heart. Wonderful gifts or something special just for you!

JULY 2016
"Spinning Sun" by Madeleine Appell
Opening Reception on Friday, July 1 from 5 to 7pm
This exhibit is up through July 30th.

JUNE 2016 

Exhibition – “Botanica”

Art at the Pink House will be showing  “Botanica,” an exhibit of Cris Winters’  botanical works, using plants as both subject matter and medium. Artworks on fabric and paper will include botanical contact prints, deconstructed and traditional screen prints, fabric and paper collage, and handmade books. The exhibit will up through June 25th.

The opening of the exhibit “Botanica” will take place on Friday, June 3rd from 5 to 7 PM at Art at the Pink House, 25 Woodruff Street, Saranac Lake.  Free and open to the public. For information, call 518.524.0533 or email

February 2016

The gallery still has many of the beautiful, colorful gifts made me and my artist friends that were here during the holidays. And as before, each item is carefully made by hand and priced for generous gift-giving. There are some new additions, including more of my Eco Printed fabrics and papers.

In this season, the Pink House is focusing more on workshops and classes (check out my "Workshops and Classes" page), and I am exploring surface design and making more art of my own.

The gallery is open  any time my OPEN signs are out, especially on weekends. And I'm always happy to make an appointment with you. Just give me a call: 518.524.0533.

Below is a description of a past exhibit - please explore! More exhibits featuring fiber and mixed media art will be opening in early summer.

With huge gratitude to everyone who provided support to my Pink House Adventure,

On the Surface: Design on Fabric
Stack of fabrics by Beth Berman
Through November 22nd

See what it’s all about! Many fabric artists now design and embellish their very personal fabrics for use in their work. This practice is referred to as “surface design.” A simple definition in the fiber art world would be “the art of changing the appearance of fabrics using materials such as (but not limited to) paint, dye, stitch, transfers, ink, and digital images.” It’s a very broad and exciting field.

Direct dye drawing & screen print by Beth Berman
This exhibition of surface design techniques includes fabrics by six artists. Come to see what results when imagination, skill, and some simple supplies are applied to plain white fabric. The techniques used include
Screen printed, direct & immersion dyed by Cris Winters
monoprinting, deconstructed screen printing, shibori dyeing, direct application of paint and dye, stitching, and stamping. Explanations of the techniques will accompany the colorful fabrics in this exhibit.

Shibori by Susan Hahn, left and bottom center. Shibori by Beth Berman, top center. Painted dye & wax resist, hand quilting by Cris Winters, right.
Shibori instructional samples by Susan Hahn
Screen print, direct dye, stamping by Cris Winters
Double-sided batik by Beth Berman

Ecoprints by Cris Winters
Ecoprints by Janine Gates
Screen print and direct dye by Pat Pauly
The artists included in "On the Surface: Design on Fabric" are:
Susan Hahn
Janine Gates

Click on the underlined names to see the artists' websites. 

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