Thursday, March 25, 2010

To Lili from Panama

During our month in Panama, I sent only one postcard and it was to Lili.
I am counting on everyone else to read our Panama Field Notes blog.

It has been challenging to do all the painting and drawing I want to do. My trip journal has some of that incorporated in it, but especially now that we are with a birding group there is little time to be in a spot long enough to even doodle. And most of our van and bus rides are bumpy. Partly for all those reasons, I am at the lodge in Gamboa this morning while the rest of the group is out in the woods chasing Ant Pittas and Manakins (some very cool groups of birds). I am going to play with my pencils and paints a bit. Here are a few images from the cloud forest that I want to use in future work. What a gorgeous place this is - over the top much of the time!