Friday, August 27, 2010


Layers of beach
My artwork is hung now at the Pendragon Theater in Saranac Lake. It is an interesting venue - the lobby of the little community theater here. It is just the right size for the number of pieces I wanted to show, and apparently people really do look at the art. I already sold two large-ish pieces. I am gratified at the nice response I am getting in this community.

My little fiber collages are nicely mounted and framed, and the series looks complete in the simple maple frames my sweet Ron made for them. The last of the ten was based on an mental image I had while riding in Gail's tiny boat with my Silver Fox girlfriends one Sunday afternoon, after swimming and picnicking on Lower Saranac Lake. It was such a clear blue and green day, and I imagined - almost believed - I was soaring above the river, floating in that blueness.
Raven over Second Pond
 The next two weeks will be full of family and friends visiting here at our little cabins. It will be a pleasure to slow down and enjoy the last beautiful days of summer with all of them.