Monday, March 25, 2019

After Sundown

I'm working on a new Daily Practice habit. This has always been so rewarding and I need it now. I'm in Florida for another lovely week, and I'm bursting with creative ideas, so here goes. Many thanks to Jeannie, new friend and donator of the lovely batik stash.
My greatly cropped photo looking west on my street at that 
peachy-pink sky, with street lights.
My little sketch of the scene on the left; my beginning composition on the right. I'm trying out my newly-learned Improvisational Piecing technique, from Pat Pauly's workshop.
Pretty much done with the piecing, awaiting its machine quilting. 

Saturday, March 23, 2019

Learn Something New!

I recently took a one day workshop with Pat Pauly on "Improvisational Piecing", along with members of the Tampa Bay Surface Design Guild. I have never taken a class on quilting techniques - I learned a lot!
 It began with Pat's directions on whacking fabric apart and putting it back together. Above is my start with my limited fabric supply.
 Part of the "skinny line" lecture.
One of my experiments in progress.
Another with a little botanical contact print.

I'll be putting all of this to good use!