Wednesday, February 25, 2009

February - April Art Classes

I am so looking forward to teaching this new series of classes! Here are they are:

Basic Drawing 3 Thursdays - Feb 26, Mar 5 & 12 4 – 6 PM $50
Anyone can draw!!! (REALLY!) Using non-judgmental and easy methods, you will amaze yourself at what you can learn to see and draw.

Intermediate Drawing 3 Saturdays – Feb. 28, Mar 7 & 14 9-11 AM $50
Drawing for those who have taken Basic Drawing or who have some experience with “drawing on the right side…”
Playing with Watercolor Workshop Friday – Apr 3 10 AM - 5 PM $60
Watercolor painting is joyful, expressive, portable, and fun! Spend a day experimenting with the delightful properties of color pigments in water, so you can take these techniques to your own art projects. Specific materials are required and will be available for sale.

Mixed Media Collage Workshop Thursday – Mar 26 5:30 – 8:30 PM $35
Papers, stamps, paint, photo transfers, used text, old books, pressed flowers - whatever you want to use to express your idea can be included in an artful way to make a beautiful piece. Most materials included.

Botanical Drawing 4 Saturdays - March 28, April 4, 11, & 18 9 – 12 AM $75
How is a plant constructed? How does it grow? How do flowers differ from one another? Short botany lessons combined with drawing instruction will provide you with an enjoyable learning experience.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

December Candle Photo - How To

My friend Colleen asked how I made the pretty candle holders in the Decmber photo. Here you are:

I froze a little water in the bottom of a short drinking glass. Then I arranged some small sprigs of cedar and chopped cranberries between the glass and smaller plastic cups filled with water (to weigh them down) and placed inside the larger glass. I carefully poured water over the sprigs and cranberries. After it all froze, I removed the inside cups - this where the candles went. I kept them in the freezer until dinner time. They were frozen and reused them a couple of times. Easy and lovely.

Today is another sunny perfect Winter day. The birds are starting to sing their Spring songs. Hormones are powerful things!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Sun in February

February 1st was a spectacular day - one of those days when you know for certain that the sun is getting higher and the light stronger the instant you get out into an open field on snowshoes. I love the geometry of the corn stalks and their blue shadows on the snow and the tracks of the crows that show their toenails dragging through the snow in the soft places. Several Eastern Bluebirds were communing with some robins in a sheltering swale, feasting on wild grapes and bittersweet berries. Some small grey bird is roosting at night in the hollow tree - see the tiny feathers clinging to the wood at the edge of the very round hole.

Some watercolor painting is in order - the blues are too beautiful ....