Friday, July 19, 2013

New Summer Lovelies


Since my last post, I have been doing lots experimenting, framing, and watercoloring. To the left is the results of one of my spring fiber (plus) experiments, now matted matted, framed, and hanging at our NorthWind Fine Arts gallery in Saranac Lake.

And below is one of the little bird collages made from the contested neck tie :-) (See my April posts.)
"Red-eyed Owl"
Yet another is the beginning of the piece I made for the "Life on the Lakes" exhibit (now showing at the Paul Smith's College VIC). I made a watercolor background, then inkjet printed over the dried paint. (It's an image of McKenzie Pond, showing McK Mountain way back there.) I stamped borders along the top and bottom, then added some collage elements over this. More about this piece later, with images of the additions I made. It was great fun to put together!

Preliminary view of "My Mountain Pond"
 Now though, I am off to Moravia, NY to assist the wonderful, fabulous Oiseaux Sisters with their week-long mixed media workshop. I'll be posting some processes from this week for sure! I feel like I just absorb the Creative Artist Mind while I'm with Caroline, Susan, and their creative students.