Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Colorful Threads

"Spinning Sun" by Madeleine Appell
 The Pink House Gallery is currently showing "Colorful Threads." It's all fiber art and includes the art quilting of Madeleine Appell, the silk paintings of Lynne Taylor, and the embellished screen prints and eco (or botanical contact) prints of Cris Winters. Lots of fun smaller art and objects for sale as well.
"A New Day Dawning" by Madeleine Appell
"Seascape" by Madeleine Appell
"Up Spear Hill" by Lynne Taylor
"Sunset on the Lake" by Lynne Taylor
"Uplake Twilight" by Lynne Taylor
"Spring Enhanced" by Cris Winters
Detail from "Peony Leaf Fantasy" by Cris Winters
While this exhibit is in place, I'm preparing for a Fiber and Mixed Media Art Juried Show that opens at the Pink House Gallery on August 5th. More information and an application on my Juried Show 2016 page.