Wednesday, August 27, 2008

In Cris' Niche

Lots of changes coming up - good for the Fall, I think. Maybe I'll buy new pencils...

The workshop I took this summer with the Oiseaux Sisters in Moravia, NY was a wonderful experience - many lessons on new techniques, as well as lessons in how to live and think as an artist. One of the best lessons was the importance of having a daily art practice of some kind, and - as recommended by Susan Dollmaker Andrews - I began a visual journal. The process of coming up with a new idea for each day is challenging, always a good way to keep creativity flowing. In addition to the visual piece, I write the day's activities on the back of my little art piece. Here are photos of my July journal, a week of August, and a couple of this week's images. I'm a little behind, after the canoeing and other Adirondack activities of the past couple of weeks.
Meanwhile, ideas keep percolating.

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