Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Ghost Orchid

Remember the Pink Lady's Slipper photo from my last entry? The pale image incorporated into this piece is the water transfer made from that photo. The early spring wildflowers are also called spring emphemerals - those that bloom and set seed before the deciduous leaves are fully out and then disappear until next spring. I am aware when I walk in the summer woods that many of those plants that were blooming so gloriously in May are now invisible.

The indoor activities become less engaging once summer arrives in the mountains. So, the daily practice becomes weekly or even less frequent when family joins me here. A beautiful day nudges us out onto the Outlet in the canoe.


oneartistjournal said...

Hi Cris, It is great to be here, exploring the blog of one of the contributors of my one of my traveling journals. Thanks for your visit and comment to my blog. The NY journal (I had seven of them cirulating around the globe) is safe and sound. Most of the book was filled with New Yorkers wonderful art. Gil returned it to me a few months ago, I used it in a workshop to illustrate the theme of Journaling and Interconnectedness, and then sent it off again here in southern California...it's still not completed but I know where it is...Isn't it all awesome...thanks Cris for making pages in it...I wish i knew which was yours...Can you give me a hint? Did you sign it? Make a copy of it? Did you enjoy doing it?

Cris Winters said...

I'm not sure about the best way to answer your wonderful reply about the journals, Orly, but I'll try this first. I am so glad the NY journal returned to you! It was wonderful to participate, and I also love the thought of the interconnectedness of that bound object. I scanned the pages my friends and I made, along with some of those that were there when Gil mailed it to me. (Love him, by the way. I still hope to ask him for a taxi ride when I get to NYC!) I did sign my pages, but I think I'll post the pages that are more personal for me on this blog. I would love to see more of the final journal someday. And I will continue to read what you have to say and show - I really enjoy your blog.

oneartistjournal said...

Thanks Cris, for the beautiful and heartfeltt words to my last post...and your reply to mine here on your blog. I am awaiting for you next post. Please don't worry about "Genuineness" of your work...it's allways is genuine cause you made it. It should be looked at as one piece of work on the path to becoming more genuine. Accept the path you are on....and cook good "genuine" food!! (:

agrigirl said...

I love your fiber art. I'm not sure if it's texture or color or just the artistic reflection that you provide but it really draws me in.