Friday, October 8, 2010

Friday at the Huyck

Today was the last day of my week at the Huyck Preserve. I finished my piece of art work, packed up my gear, and finally took my walk from Lincoln Pond to the waterfall below Myosotis Lake. The weather was perfect, and the forest - mostly old Hemlock and Sugar Maple with Christmas, Maidenhair, and Wood ferns in herbaceous layer - was very beautiful. The Witch Hazel is blooming now, as it always does in October. See the little fringe-y growths at the twig tips? Those are the flowers.

And here is my collage that combines scans of two of my aster drawings done with technical pen and colored pencil, a scan of an old topographical map of the Preserve, scans of pages from Gray's Manual of Botany, and papers with acrylic paints. I also left my page of the original drawings. 
With the use of some transparency sheets, I also experimented with some photos I took of the light on the Lake. I printed on the transparencies (made for toner-type copiers - not really at all suitable!) with my little inkjet printer using the draft setting to avoid getting too much ink on the sheet. Then I transferred to watercolor paper using Golden matte medium on some and with plain water on others. I also had a small sheet of gold-colored foil (from a chocolate wrapper) and I glued some of it down with the medium before the transfer process. I really learned a lot! So, here are some of the results, showing the finished transfer with its original photo (remember that the transfer is a mirror-image of the photo):
original photo 1

matte medium with gold foil
original photo 2
water on substrate, no burnishing
water on same transparency, burnished
original photo 3
more water on substrate, slight burnishing on blacks
Today was also the day I said good by to the Brits (and 1 Aussie). I enjoyed each of them enormously. Things were awfully quiet once they drove away this morning to get the train in Hudson for NYC. Here they are:
Jenny & Dave

Carolyn (from Down Under)
Chris & Andy
CSA Interns, Adam, & British Trust Volunteers
Bon Voyage and Safe Travels to All.


Joei Rhode Island said...

Glad you had such a successful and fun stay at the Hyuck. It is a most inspirational setting. Love the dainty asters. You "got" them just right. They are one of my favorites...perhaps because they are about the last flower show of the year.

Cris Winters said...

Thanks for your comments. I liked knowing that you stayed in the horse stable that I could see from The Bird House! It feels like it is nearly time to pull into warmth and shelter for the season, in spite of so much color still out there. Can't wait to see your next project on your blog!

Anonymous said...

It looks like you had a wonderful time. Your art is inspiring - I love those transfers. Wish I could learn to do something like that also.