Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Another Post Card for Lili

This post card went away to my grand-daughter Lili today. I have been sending handmade post cards to her since she was an infant, and I needed to find a way to send her my love. She lives four hours away, and the busyness of life for all of us makes it always too long between my visits.

Now she is two, and she knows who the cards are from. She carries them around, and she and Mommy called me last time one arrived, so Lili could tell me, "Gammy, I WIKE it!" What an amazing miracle she is.

We are preparing to sell our home of nearly 14 years, so we can relocate in the mountains where my heart lives (when it is not thinking about Lili). The gardens are glorious and lush. I am drinking all of it in, enjoying my last Spring here. So much work and love and nurturing. So rewarding.
Rhubarb Harvest

Volunteers Growing no-Work Salads
New Iris with Crazy Lavender Beard
  And the rain just began pounding on the roof again. Feeling lucky to live high above the creek.          


Anonymous said...

Wow! Moving is a big deal and so is leaving your rhubarb behind. Where are you going and what did you make with the rhubarb? It won't grow in our warm climate.

Cris Winters said...

Lovely to hear from you, you poor thing - living with all that sunshine but no rhubarb!!! We are moving from the upper Hudson Valley in New York State to Saranac Lake in NYS's Adirondack Mountains (2 zones colder - am I crazy or what?!). That's where I spend much of my time already - a gorgeous place with a richly textured community. I hope to bring some of my rhubarb "bush" (it is huge) along. I got my piece from my mom years ago and have shared with it with many friends. I have pondered starting a small rhubarb farm up there... Add my luscious raspberries.

So far this season, I have made a rhubarb custard pie for my son's birthday and a lovely rhubarb crisp. Some in the freezer now too. I'll post some recipes for y'all.