Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Back to the Daily Practice

March 20, 2013
October Pond Lily Leaves printed on muslin
October Pond Lily Leaves in slivers
Since we moved into our new home in June, I haven't had a good place to play with my art the minute (almost) I wake up. So I haven't returned to my rewarding Daily Practice that took me so far a few other times in the recent past.

Enough excuses! I receive regular posts from the blog "Zen Habits" by Leo Barbauta. Always interesting, but the one that came yesterday really grabbed my attention. It was all about making changes, a.k.a. changing habits, and I wrote out the most important change I want to make Right Now and how I plan to do it. That would be "making more and better art, especially more and better fiber art." And that means a Daily Practice. And showing you makes me accountable to you. I hope you will let me know what you think and keep me going!

The list of options is long, but I was interested in a technique I read about in the April/May issue of Quilting Arts magazine - tearing fabric into strips that are then fused to a backing and stitched along the tears. I spent about 10 minutes tearing this piece I fabric I printed from my photo awhile ago. Tomorrow I'll fuse it. And onward.

Thank you, Leo and Quilting Arts. And thank YOU!

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Agrigirl said...

When Google retired their reader last month, I somehow lost my connection to your blog and my, have you been busy! I am so excited to sit down and read these posts. I love your work and the fact that you are sharing some methodology is really appealing,