Thursday, December 5, 2013

Cooking the Sugar Plums

.... metaphorically speaking. I'm making sweet little things to offer for sale in my gallery and in my studio this holiday season. (I'd also be delighted to sell them to blog readers who contact me about specific items.) My studio will be open on Saturday, December 14th from 10am to 4 pm. Lots of lovely art for gifts, and I'll have previews of many items here on my blog over the next week.
In addition to the packages of 4 art cards (3 different themes: Watercolors in Provence, Fresh Produce, and Spring Flowers), I am packaging up many little blank books I made over the past few months. Wonderful to use for journals, trip books, and even shopping lists.

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Agrigirl said...

Those are terrific. What a way to spread good cheer.

Cris Winters said...

Great to hear from you, Tammy! So, will you post how you make YOUR sugarplums?!

BotanicalBB said...

Chris, it was nice to meet you!

Your work looks lovely, I'm hoping to be able to stop at the gallery on Thursday morning before I head out.

Happy New Year, and here's to all the possibilities of new art too!

Cris Winters said...

Thanks, Liz. Great to meet you on New Years Eve. I seem to make very important and long-lasting friendships on that day :-) I hope to see you next time you are in town.