Monday, December 8, 2014


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I just signed on to a blog party that involves writing in response to a daily prompt for 21 days. (See Kate McNally's blog.) I jumped in late, but it looks like fun and another way to keep my blog more active. Hopefully, you'll enjoy it! Let me know.

Yesterday's prompt was to post a favorite Selfie. As I never take Selfies, I got to work with my tablet in my favorite place to plan, dream, imagine, and write - in my bed as I slowly wake up with my coffee next to me. So now you know what I look like (this morning, anyway). I'm smiling at how funny this project turned out to be. Many rejected photos!

The prompt for today is "Connections." It's a very good one for December for lots of reasons. My great desire this time of year is to get in touch with all of my far-away friends. I've moved quite a bit so I have many. And I don't connect with them often enough, in spite of thinking of them. My attention is a "Be Here Now" kind of thing.

BUT! How does an artist who also teaches at a college do all this?! It's the season to make more art, sell more art, administer final projects and complete final grades, prepare and ship the gifts, and make arrangement for traveling to see my mom. (This is the short list ...) As much as I imagine making lovely cards myself and sitting by the fire writing a note to each dear person, it just isn't going to happen. My solution has become to buy someone else's lovely handmade cards and send them out between December 26th and Valentine's Day. Lots of benefits. 1) I can write an actual personal note, 2) my friends can read them when they are not inundated with stuff themselves, and 3) the friend who sold me the cards is happy. The connections will be made and I love that.

I have to mention here that one slender but important connection was to send or receive a note or card to and from my wonderful ex-mother-in-law. She passed away last night, and she was one of the most lovely women I have know. Irene and I met when I was 15, and she taught me a lot over all those years about grace and generosity. You were well-loved, Irene, and your longtime connection with me was highly valued.

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Jennifer said...

I am sorry to hear of the passing of your former mother-in-law. It sounds like a profound connection.

The holidays are hectic, and I like your solution to making that connection without stressing yourself out. I used to send out Valentines to all of my friends because I wondered why we quit giving each other Valentines. I'm wondering how I'm going get everything done in the next two weeks, but giving myself permission to extend that timeline? Beautiful.

Thank you for sharing!