Saturday, January 3, 2015

At Oiseaux Studio South

I spent the first day of 2015 in the best imaginable way - with Susan Andrews in her Florida studio. (And wishing Carolyn could have joined us - feel better soon!). Susan is one of my mentors - my first art mentor - and she is perennially inspiring, supportive, and delightful. If not for Susan and Carolyn and that fortuitous summer workshop with them in 2008, I might still be searching for my right path.

As always, lunch was healthy and delicious (and beautiful to boot!).

After loads of information sharing, we finally got down to what we planned to do: experiment with using text on fabric, preferably handwritten. Susan has been experimenting with pens of all kinds, so she pulled out about two dozen of them for me to try. In the short bit of time left after all our yakking, I did a bunch of samples, using my current guiding verse "The Journey" by Mary Oliver, on paper and then fabric, but didn't find the perfect tool for fabric - yet.

Thanks, Susan, for so many things but especially for your time. Love you.

To learn more about the fabulous Oiseaux Sisters and their art and workshops, click here.

Here are a few vignettes from the studio - full of treasures.

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Pat Pauly said...

I have a doll from Susan Dollmaker Andrews in my home. Its decades old, but still wonderful. Nice to know she is still creating.