Monday, February 9, 2015

Cool Little Workshop - Part Two

 For our next session, Pat and I worked with some silk screens, masks, and stencils on the fabrics we monoprinted a few days before, as well as fresh treated fabric.

I made a simple bird stencil with freezer paper. It was underwhelming when I printed through the stencil but I continued using it to make ghost prints with the paper.

Pat had a couple of screens with a bit of day-old dye left on them, so we unexpectedly did some deconstructed screen printing too. The vertical lines and colors from the screens added a lot! We placed some some newspaper stripes (or "legs," as Pat calls them) and circles ("heads"???) on the fabric as masks. They stuck to the screens throughout out work, until we removed them. (They look pretty cool too with the screened dye. I'm using them in some kind of collage work later.)

Here is one of the screens with dried dye as we started with it, and below is a length of fabric with the lines, masks, and more dye spread on over all. (Yellow on the top; purple on the bottom.)

Monoprinted, deconstructed screen printed, freezer paper masks. The nice brown is from our sludge bucket!
My favorite. Am I channeling Pat???
For you, Beth! The hands-only red print transformed by spreading yellow dye on most of it with a putty knife.


Beth said...

FABULOUS!!!!! Judith and I just signed up for Pat's workshop at QBL. Maybe you can come too and we'll make it a party!! I just love what you've done. Can't wait to get into the thickened dyes and screens. If it would just stop snowing...

Cris Winters said...

I'll think about QBL. It sure would be fun. So, about the snow. Isn't being confined to your studio the Best way to get to those projects?!