Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Mixed Media en Plein Air

These two looked on while Susan and I did more printing at Oiseaux Studios South yesterday. Susan was sprucing them up for a doll exhibit. Gorgeous dolls that she made many years ago.
View of Oiseaux Studio
Putting acrylic paint on the plastic palette sheet.
Rolling paint on cotton sheeting over grids, raised letters, plant material, etc.
Leaf placed over previously rolled fabric, using a red roller with the leaf as a mask.
Our friend Angela focusing as she learns a new technique.
Fabric monoprinted with Golden acrylics mixed with art paste for more body. The color is much more subtle than with the straight acrylics.
Back to the rollers and straight acrylics, with ferns and beach debris for texture, under the fabric then on top as masks and monoprints. We didn't care that the fabric got a bit more stiff. In fact, Susan likes the way the paint lends longevity to the pieces when they're hung outside. Some of these will become flags on my new porch.

I learned so much from playing with these techniques, and we didn't even get to print with the styrofoam plates! But Susan and I made a commitment to make more flag-like work in our far-apart studios as a joint project. Loving the warm and sunshine but my studio is calling me ...


Deborah said...

Can't wait to see the flags in situ! This looks like so much fun! Happy April!

Cris Winters said...

Maybe we'll make our own printed flag workshop next time we get together!