Friday, July 10, 2015

Collaging My Life

 Shuffling all my old sketchbooks around as I moved and organized my new studio got me thinking about what was happening in my life when I was making all those notes and drawings.
I thought about how much space they took up too. So I started tearing out some drawings and some of the more enlightening notes. Once I had nice assortment, I began collaging the pieces of paper onto an old mirror frame. And I'm adding colored papers from my stash.

When I have time to sit for a few minutes, I enjoy looking back. And it will be fun to see the present me in the mirror framed by my past interests and passions.

Now I'm looking for more old mirrors. So much material!


Maggi said...

What a good idea. Love the idea of the past and present together at one time.

Deborah said...

What a cool idea...the "present" me...the result of the cumulative interests and passions. All worthwhile :)

Beth said...

Oh, I wish I could play. I am so bogged down by paint walls, packing and preparing to move downstairs.