Sunday, September 20, 2015

Before the Maine Event

A whole day to explore fabric dyeing techniques! First with indigo.
Beth Berman hosted us, and she mixed up this lovely bucket of indigo dye ahead of time so it could gently ferment. See that scum on top? That indicates that it worked! We learned many ways to tie, clamp, rubber band, and otherwise manipulate our fabric to make patterns before immersing them in the indigo bucket. 
My cotton fabric with 1) string pulled through rolled fabric, 2) two clamps on folded fabric, and 3) marbles fastened in the fabric with rubber bands.
My dyed fabric just out of the bucket with strings, clamps, and rubber bands removed.
The fabric is green when removed from the dye and gradually turns that gorgeous indigo blue as it oxidizes.
A clothesline hung with indigo is beautiful!
And here is my friend Deborah showing off her intricately patterned indigo-dyed shirt. Gorgeous!

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