Friday, November 6, 2015

"I'm an Eco Printing Novice"

If there was a T-shirt announcing "I'm an Eco Printing Novice," I imagine I could truthfully wear it for a very long time. I've admired the results of the process for a long time but I didn't try it until I saw the wonderful results in person at The Maine Event in September.

 I documented my first go pretty thoroughly. The second one too. All of these were done with with cotton and linen, which required a premordant soak with soda ash. The first one got some ferrous sulfate as well; the second with soda ash alone. Both dye baths included ferrous sulfate. Let me know what you think!
Peony leaves on cotton
Oak leaves on vintage linen
Oak leaves between linen layers, ready to roll on the birch stick.
Bundles in the dye bath with ferrous sulfate
A bundle just from the dye bath. See the lovely lines under the string that resisted the iron?
Unwrapping a print with oak leaves. The print is on upper half.
A print with peony leaves. They worked beautifully!

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