Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Adirondack Artists at Work Studio Tour

I've been so focused on getting some new pieces ready for this weekend's studio tour that I have not been attending to much else. In fact, three bowls of beautiful raspberries are calling me to make them into jam. (... just talk amongst yourselves ...)

Okay, now there are nine beautiful jars of jam on the counter, I made a fabulous dinner, and I'm back at the studio and computer.

First of all, get directions to my studio on the Adirondack Artists Guild website: Directions to the studios of all participating artists are available on that website as well. I will be in my studio on Saturday and Sunday - Friday is my day to visit the studios of some other artists.

Here a couple of new pieces in my "Habitats" series. They are made from photo transfers and torn papers, applied to small canvases that have been painted with acrylic paints.

I'll also have my Small Works and Dreamscapes on exhibit. These will be for sale, at prices named by the interested buyer. How much is one of them worth to you?!

Here are some examples. Each was made from free-form watercolor paint tossed onto small pieces of watercolorpaper. Then I drew into the shapes formed by the color. Most of them are completely informed by the viewer's interpretation. Look for the tiny details. Here is "Eichybush Autumn."

And here is "Dreamscape IV."

And "North Country I."

Tomorrow I'll add a few more pieces to this page before I load my car for the beautiful drive north.

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Gilighan Qabista said...

Dreamscape IV is awesome. I relate to it as a mental landscape in my shifts as a cabdriver.