Thursday, September 25, 2008

More for the Studio Tour

If you love being in little boats as much as I do, you might like the papier mache boats I made. There are two made from my handmade paper with pressed plants inside - one small (9.25") and one larger (13.5"). These are photos of the treasures inside. (Photos of the outsides were posted a couple of weeks ago.)

Two more boats (same sizes as above) are made from royal blue paper with gold fish printed on it; the insides are painted gold. Like the first boat I made for myself, I can add words of your choice to the interior of the boat. I'm thinking of love poems, anniversary sentiments, etc.

I'll be working on some collage pieces during the studio tour, and there will be some other small paintings, pastels, and photographs to browse through.

You will be most welcome at my little cabin! There will be hot cider on the stove and a cozy wood fire to warm you.

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