Thursday, September 11, 2008

A Journal Page & Some Watercolors

I am working on a concept I have for a "Habitats" series. This little piece - yesterday's journal page - includes a leaflet of a Cinnamon Fern frond (Latin name Osmunda cinnamomea), part of a topographic map, the symbol from the map showing the decliation from true north, and a painted print of a mushroom. Being something of a botanist, I love the often-descriptive quality of the Genus and species names. In this case, this fern belongs to the larger genus Osmunda, which includes the amusing Interrupted Fern (Osmunda claytonia) and the magnificent Royal Fern (Osmunda regalis). The Cinnamon Fern is named for the fertile fronds that emerge in the center of an individual plant and are covered with cinnamon-colored spores. To make the support/background for this piece, I tried the method described by Pam Carricker in Cloth, Paper, Scissors [] (July/August 2008) - 140 lb. watercolor paper coated front and back with gesso, then painted with several layers of liquid acrylics. (Thanks, Pam!)

Before I head to the mountains later today, here are a few of my watercolors that are framed and will be available for sale at my cabin studio tour later this month (also available by contacting me through my blog).

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