Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Glorious Morning

Another glorious late summer morning here in the Berkshire foothills of New York State. Behind our house is a corn field from which we can see the Berkshires to the east and the Catskills to the west. This time of year when the mornings are cool, we can see the mist rising from the Hudson River, although the river itself is not visible from here. The blue jays are forming their roving bands of raucous marauders, making lots of racket and zooming around among the forest fragments.

On my drive to Rochester this past weekend with my friend Brin, we passed a huge sunfower field - most beautiful. It reminded me of a road trip in Wisconsin with my longtime friend Susan when we had to stop the car to admire the sunflower fields (that or drive off the road in distraction). I did this pastel painting later for her.

The Morning Glories are in their prime out on the garden fence. I find their colors and habits enchanting - it is a challenge to recreate that exact shade of blue in watercolor paint.

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